Injera Sourdough Ethiopian Pancakes

Here’s another, very key component for an Ethiopian feast – the sour injera pancake!

These pancakes are uniquely sour and bubbly, and go perfectly with lentil dishes, spiced vegetables, and ayib (lemony tofu ‘cheese’).

Usually made with Teff flour and fermented for several days, this recipe uses wheat sourdough starter instead. It is possible to make them with vinegar, soda water and baking powder, but I read that the baking powder reduces the sourness of the vinegar, so I have stuck with my sourdough starter because I find it so easy to use.

Makes 6-8 pancakes.

Spongy bubbly pancakes, ready to add your main dishes.

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Tofu Ayib (Ethiopian lemony cheese)

When creating our very own Ethiopian feast, we adapted this Ayib recipe that is usually made with cottage cheese, to make a tasty vegan version.

Lemon rind is what makes this dish distinctive, while soy sauce adds depth of flavour. We didn’t add soya yoghurt because John hates it, but you could try adding some when you make it – let us know how you get on!

This alternative to cottage cheese is crumbly and fresh

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