Mouth-Watering Guacamole

Mouth-watering guacamole

If we want to make a pot of tasty hot chilli into a banquet, we serve it with guacamole, home made tortilla chips, fresh tomato salsa, and vegan cheesy sauce.

Traditional guacamole should always be dairy free and suitable for vegans, don’t truck with adding cream to your guacamole, this is just something supermarkets do to rip you off so that they don’t need to use so much avocado!

This recipe is my own spin on a technique I was originally shown by Ms Marmite Lover, which I have never forgotten. She taught me that with a couple of avocados and a pinch of pinache it was possible to cater for my┬áhungry party guests at zero notice (“always provide food at a party!”). Thanks to her I always feed my guests, and I always add grated onion to my guac…

Makes 1 side portion suitable for sharing between 2-4 people. Continue reading