The Quest!

We (John and Lorraine) set up this blog to note some of our culinary adventures, and in particular our current quest is to replicate the yumminess of a particular jar of chilli garlic sauce that we discovered. The sauce comes from the Philippines and we only know one place to buy it close to where we live. Its taste is indescribably yummy, really smoky and mellow, and it goes well with everything. On pizza, on bread, with rice, on crisps…

A crisp with chill garlic sauce on it

We could eat this sauce straight from the jar, and often do on crisps!

Our mission to make this sauce is just one part of our quest to make vegan food and drink that tastes good, and we’re always tweaking and trying new things. So we thought it might be fun to share some of our recipes with you!

Please let us know if you try our recipes and especially if you experiment with changing them, so that we can learn from your efforts too!

Our attitude is that if you can make it, you can make a vegan version of it ┬áthat is tasty and satisfying. We LOVE yummy food, so why would we eat the same few things week after week? Traditional cooking techniques have evolved over time to make some really tasty dishes so we want to learn from non-vegan cooking too, to make our food as delicious as we can. Just because our food is vegan doesn’t mean it has to be second rate!

We’re often asked, as vegans, what we eat and the answer is anything and everything that’s not from an animal (unless it’s mushrooms for John or Cucumber for Lorraine)…