Vegetable Jalfrezi

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Vegetable Jalfrezi – served here with a second curry made of lentils and spinach with fenugreek.

It didn’t seem to matter what I added to my curry, it never seemed to come out quite like the restaurants. So in desperation one day, I tried a new approach to really maximise the flavours, and it worked!

This recipe captures the tangy flavours of curry house jalfrezi. It’s so tasty… but beware it is laced with raw chillies!  The trick is adding lots of the flavoursome ingredients right near the end of cooking…

Serves 4 if accompanied with rice and/or breads.

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How to make extra tasty spiced dal

Extra tasty spiced dal

The secret to making a good dal is to make a temper and the secret to a really good dal is to make a really good temper!

Tempering a dal is the act of adding the cooked dal to a pan containing a mixture of fried vegetables and spices and heating it through before serving. This imbues the rich flavours into the dal in a way that can never be achieved though cooking the dal with the spices from the start.

This recipe is really quick and simple to make and can be done with red lentils just as easily as with the moong dal used here. I can personally guarantee that it is exceedingly delicious!

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Supreme vegan roast vegetable pasta bake

A cheezy sauce topping gives the finished bake a wonderful contrast between crispy and creamy.

Tonight we wanted to make something lazy, but fancied something more than just a good tomato sauce on our pasta, so we added loads of roast vegetables, topped with a cheezy sauce, and baked in the oven.

I loved this recipe, it was so yummy! The cheezy sauce gave both brown crispiness and a moist creaminess. I would therefore recommend the sauce topping method (instead of grated cheese) to any non-vegan readers too!

This recipe has a lot in common with our ultimate vegan lasagne, but is quite a lot less effort as you just stir everything together then top with cheezy sauce.

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Spiced garlic roast aubergine

When it’s done it will be brown and squishy and melt in the mouth!

Inspired by a gorgeous meal out at Lebanese restaurant Kambis for John’s birthday earlier this week, tonight we decided to roast the aubergine that we had in the fridge and created this tasty recipe.

We used garlic, chipotle powder, coarse sea salt and olive oil, and it was divinely melt in the mouth! You could also experiment your own favourite flavours e.g. smoked paprika, ras el hanout, za’atar or lemon and herbs.

One large aubergine makes enough for two, when served with cous cous, salads, and tasty sauces, and is quick, simple and scrummy!

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Ultimate Vegan Lasagne

Excellent tomato and cheese sauces layered with fresh pasta are the key to perfect lasagne.

This is our favourite indulgance meal! John tells me that before we met he would take a whole day to make one and then a whole evening to eat it!

It’s much quicker now with two of us. I do the pasta and the cheezy sauce, while John does the roast veg and the tomato sauce, then we put it all together! For a slightly quicker version use dried lasagne sheets, but it’s going to take a long time to make either way and once we tried it with fresh pasta we never went back to dried!

We have tried various combinations of vegetables and lentils, but recently made our favourite one ever so I think it’s time to share the recipe! I can’t get enough of the creamy cheezy sauce, so we put loads in, but you could adjust to suit your preference.

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Tip Top Vegan Pizza

Eat immediately once the cheese is well melted and starting to crisp.

We ordered in vegan pizza from Brighton establishment Pizzaface one time, and it was OK but it was a bit scanty on the cheeze, so once I discovered how to make sourdough pizza base I stopped ordering in and started making my own.

It’s a naughty treat that involves buying in vegan cheese from the shops (our favourites are cheezely pepperjack style or mozzerella style ‘super-melting’ varieties as they melt well and taste OK). However I am really keen to invent my own vegan cheese and am still experimenting with this so if you have a really good recipe please share!

We tend to make this at weekends when we don’t need to have leftovers to take to work for lunch the next day, as there’s rarely any left! The sourdough gives it an amazing tasty sour flavour!

Makes enough for  2 medium pizzas or 1 large pizza for sharing between 2.
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Roast Broccoli and Red Onion Vegan Quiche

The chunks of crumbly tofu in amongst a thinck sauce give the quiche its distinctive texture.

I invented this recipe one day when I was inspired to use my homemade tofufor something new! We make this all the time now, it’s a real favourite in our house! The recipe is really versatile and you can use whatever combination of vegetables and herbs you like. Roast broccoli is our favourite, and goes well with red onions. Courgettes are a regular too. In summer we use whatever’s abundant in the garden.

Use simple pastry for a classic quiche. Alternatively, I have used pizza base dough for the case, and layered with sliced tomatoes, fresh garlic, oregano and olive oil before adding the main filling, to create a variant fusion ‘quizza’ dish! In fact we now make the quizza more often than we make quiche!

Makes 4 huge servings or 6 smaller servings that could go with side dishes.

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