Soft vegan almond cookies

Tonight I set out to make a cookie that resembled marzipan, using only what I had in the cupboards (i.e. not marzipan)!

The result is light, fluffy, soft and squishy, deliciously almondy and sweet.

Makes 6-8 cookies.

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Mocha cupcakes with amaretto buttercream frosting (vegan)

Tonight I had a craving for something naughty and sweet, but there was no chocolate in the cupboards, the biscuits were all gone, and it was raining outside. Surely I had the building blocks for sweet tasty vegan comfort food?

Here’s my creation: mocha cupcakes with amaretto buttercream frosting! They were so light and fluffy and moist and tasty. Even John had two (he’s not normally as into dessert as I am)!

Luckily I have one left for tomorrow, because this recipe makes 5 cupcakes. You can always scale it up if you want more. Or make a second batch in a different flavour and let me know what your favourite is! Continue reading

Vegan Rasperry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

We’re on holiday in the Forest of Dean, and John had a hankering for cheesecake, so I came up with this. Yum yum, it was both tangy and creamy.

It tasted even better on the 2nd and 3rd days in the fridge, so ideally make it a day or two before you want to eat it (if you can resist eating them immediately!).

No baking is needed for this recipe as it sets in the fridge. I might try one with baking next time. I am also planning to experiment with Agar Agar to make something that really sets jelly-like. If I made this recipe again I would try using half the amount of tofu and double the amount of white chocolate to give a firmer final result as this one was quite soft and light, though it did hold its shape fairly well.

Makes 4 individual cheesecakes.

The tofu ‘cheese’ and cashew ‘cream’  are used to create just the right consistency when set.

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